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Traditionally, Croatian weddings happen to be quite extravagant occasions. They often include a church ceremony then dinner and dancing until the following day. The get together can be organized by a restaurant, a standard or a reception hall.

Guests are often served with three programs: one primary, two savoury and 1 dessert. Following each training, the bride and groom cut a slice of their wedding dessert and share it with their friends.

There are also some light-hearted customs which might be common for a Croatian wedding party. For instance, bridesmaid pin a branch of rosemary decorated which has a tiny Croatian flag to each guest’s clothing as a everyone should be open.

Brain of home – Inside the lead up to the ceremony, the couple contend to see who have will be the leader belonging to the household once the wedding ceremony is over. That is a fun method to get everyone thrilled and involved in the festivities.

Falsify bride https://www.marieclaire.co.uk/life/sex-and-relationships/dating-app-profile-tips-672374 – Before the ceremony, a decoy star of the wedding is set up at the groom’s home to idiot his family and get them to agree on the terms of the wedding. This is done by playing funny video games and negotiating until the family is russiansbrides.com/croatian-women/ happy.

Honking the horns – Before and after the wedding, a large number of cars head to the marriage venue in concert. This is a very popular tradition in Croatia and many from the cars honk their horns showing their support for the newlyweds!


Following the wedding, the best man plus the maid of prize give a toasted bread to the new couple. The wedding couple happen to be then provided money or another kind of gift, like a painting, home supplies or perhaps travel coupons.